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High Desert Gems & Minerals

High Desert Gems & Minerals, founded in 1995, provides quality natural gemstones from our mines in the western United States of America, including Nevada, Oregon, and California.  Join us in the wild west for an unforgettable outdoor gemstone mining experience.   One will learn about the formation of these gemstones from experienced personnel, during a fun-packed rock digging adventure.
Our Himalaya Tourmaline Mine and Spectrum Sunstone Mine were both featured on Travel Channel’s Cash & Treasures show.

Scroll down until you get to the mines you wish to visit and then CLICK the photo of the mine of your choice, if you need more information.

Himalaya Tourmaline Mine

bi color crystalAs seen on Travel Channel’s Cash & Treasures
Dig pink and green tourmalines from the world famous Himalaya Mine! 
Open year round, Thursday - Sunday 10am - 3pm.  Reservations are not necessary.
(Monday trips can be arranged by calling 775-225-4245  or  to schedule an appointment).
$75 per person, 12 years old and under free.  Bring case, check, or money orders for your day fee.  Credit cards accepted.  Rainy day discounts available!  Please: DO NOT “Map quest” the “Himalaya Mine” - you will get lost! Our address is Lake Henshaw 26439 Hwy 76, Santa Ysabel, CA 92070
i n f o @ h i g h d e s e r t g e m s a n d m i n e r a l s . c o m

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***Camping, RV hookups, and cabins available on-sight by reservation, please contact: Lake Henshaw Resort.

Spectrum Sunstone Mine

sunstone.reds.in.hand.2005.chopAs seen on Travel Channel’s Cash & Treasures
Dig, screen, or pick off our conveyor belt (Lucy) for Oregon’s state gemstone, Oregon Sunstone, a.k.a. Red Labradorite.  Tipi and cabin accommodations, also free RV parking and free camping!  Open daily May 15th - November 1st, 9am - 5pm.  NEW!!! Mining by mail....ore buckets available by mail.  $135.00 per bucket includes shipping.
For details please call Jessica at (775) 830-5797 or Chris at (775) 772-7724
 i n f o @ h i g h d e s e r t g e m s a n d m i n e r a l s . c o m

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Trilobyte Me! Quarry

greybugNEW DIG!!!  Our new trilobite quarry fossil fee dig is open daily.  Use your hammer to break apart shale to find the trilobites.   We are conveniently located near Delta, UT off a maintained gravel  road (4 wheel drive is not necessary).  On sight parking and free camping is available.  Open daily April 1st - October 10th.  Reservations not required.  Off season digging available by appointment.  Call or text  Chris Rose (775)772-7724 or Jessica Schenk (775) 830-5797, i n f o @ h i g h d e s e r t g e m s a n d m i n e r a l s . c o m .
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turquoiseroughWhat you have been waiting for.  Digging turquoise in Nevada!  By reservation only, weather permitting.  Thank you! Please call Jessica Schenk (775) 830-5797

Any questions, contact us,call  or text  Chris Rose (775)772-7724 , Jessica Schenk (775) 830-5797   or (775)225-4245
i n f o @ h i g h d e s e r t g e m s a n d m i n e r a l s . c o m

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