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Dig Gemstone Fossils 
Open Daily April 1 - October 10th 9am - 5pm
No reservations required, just show up,  any day!

Basic Trilobite Collecting

Split the shale or screen dirt for shale and find matrix specimens or loose jewelry grade trilobites.

Adults $50

8yrs-14yrs $35

7yrs/ under Free

Quarry Bank Digging

Dig and split shale using hand tools in the actual freshly exposed trilobite bearing shale layers of the quarry

Adults $100

8yrs-14yrs $50

7yrs/ under Free

E x c l u s i v e Digging Options.....
High-End Quarry Bank Digging

Our exclusive digging area reserved for our commercial trilobite operations.

Adults $200

11yrs-14yrs $100

10yrs/ under Free with paying adult

"Trilobite infested" Ore Pile

Our trilobite pay dirt shale dug up with our machinery and put in a pile for your convenience to sort.

$150/ pile

Price includes whole family

High-Grade "Trilobite Swarm" Ore Pile

Our exclusive commercial trilobite bearing shale dug up with our machinery and put in a pile for your convenience to sort.

$300/ pile

Price includes whole family


Excavation and digging at quarry

What to bring
Bucket, gloves, safety glasses, plenty of drinking water,  sunscreen, proper clothing for weather conditions, and bug spray for  "infested" ore piles. Loaner tools available!

How to pay
Cash, check, credit/debit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express are accepted).

Buy five digs get one free!
Group rates, active military, and service personnel rates available.

Free camping, RVs, trailers and tents welcome.
Nearby hotels:  Rancher Motel (435) 864-274, Delta Inn Motel (435) 864-5318, Days Inn (435) 864-3882, Antelope Valley RV Park (800) 430-0022

Pets friendly, leashes are required.

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Call or text Chris Rose  (775) 772-7724 or Jessica Schenk (775) 830- 5797
i n f o @ h i g h d e s e r t g e m s a n d m i n e r a l s . c o m

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There are trilobites
waiting patiently
to be found....

excatation at quarry

Families welcome!


Elrathia kingii family


About 2 days of solid basic digging can produce fossils similar to the above photo.

For more information
call or text
Chris Rose        (775) 772-7724
Jessica Schenk   (775) 830-5797
Denise Olsen    (775) 225-4245
i n f o @highdesertgemsandminerals.com

Swaney Peak

A view of, nearby, Swaney Peak
9669 Feet about sea level


Elrathia Kingii trilobite specimens found in shale in the Cambrian Era’s Wheeler Formation.

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