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(Do not use internet maps, they may get you lost...)

Driving Directions

  • From the West: use Hwy 50 in Nevada at the state line border drive 56 miles into Utah.
  • From the East : use Hwy 50/ 6 out of Delta, Utah drive West 29 miles.
  • On Hwy 50/ 6 at mile Marker 56 & 1/2 turn onto dirt road North (Known as Long Ridge Reservoir Road).
  • 0.0 reset odometer at the U-Dig Fossils sign/ cattle guard.
  • 4.9 drive over cattle guard.
  • 6.3 drive over another cattle guard.
  • Slow down! for tight curves in road.
  • 10.1 intersection for Margum Pass sign.
  • 15.0 intersection for Swasey Spring sign.
  • Slow down! curvy road.
  • 18.8 intersection for U-Dig and Death Canyon, stay on road as it bears right.
  • 18.9 immediate right turn into driveway of Trilobyte Me! Quarry.
  • Parking: cars continue on through the gate, RVs and trailers park before gate!

Call or text Chris Rose (775) 772-7724
i n f o @ h i g h d e s e r t g e m s a n d m i n e r a l s . c o m

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