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Links page

The Links page provides links to other gemstone mines and gemstone art, and other gemstone providers. The links are categorized and in alphabetical order.

Links for gemstone cutting and art:

John Bailey is a gemstone artist that specializes in the rare and exciting Oregon Sunstones. He will custom design and/or custom cut a gemstone from any gem material to suit your personal tastes.

John is gifted faceter and member of the United States Faceters Guild. He has been faceting gemstones since 2001 with more than 900 faceted colored stones to his credit. John regularly cuts for individual clients, gem connoisseurs, and jewelers across the United States.  phone (859) 539.2407

We Dig... Good Karma! Join us in our travels throughout the United States as we share with you some of the most beautiful places and sights that we see!

Links to gemstone cutting tools and education:

Whether you aspire to be a professional gemologist or simply want to build up your knowledge as a casual gemstone collector, this list of resources will provide a head start into the fascinating world of gemology.

A source for lapidary and rock/gem polishing tools including diamond carving tools, specialty tools, diamond polishing wheels, and carving equipment.

Rock tumbler videos, instructions, supplies, everything you need for polishing rocks.


Links to gemstone mines in the United States of America open to the public:

Indian  artifacts and jus

t plain old diggin.

Dig for beautiful and rare opals in Virgin Valley Nevada fee dig mine.

Specializing in Amethyst and Rutile.  Dixie Euhedrals offers several fee-based recreational mining locations in Georgia and has added a new collecting location in South Carolina!

Dig for herkimer diamonds in New York, featured on Travel Channel’s Cash & Treasures.  Fee digs, field trips, and jewelry.

fire opal mine near Lakeview, OR open to the public for fee digging by appointment. This gorgeous fire opal is named for its fiery colors, including yellows, oranges, and reds. It may or may not show an opalescent "play of color", but is valued mostly for its intense colors. The fee for digging is $200.00 per person, per day, or per one-gallon bucket, whichever comes first.

The Lucky Strike and Valley View Thunder Eggs Mines have Agates with the best range in colors, probably in the world. The eggs contain mosses, banded agate, fortification, plumes and geodes. The fees we charge are based on the weight of the mined products. Leonard Kopcinski (Kop) is the owner.

This quaint turn of the century mine sits on the banks of Hauser Lake as the Missouri River flows in 'Big Sky Country' - Helena, Montana. Visitors come through the mine digging through the gravel looking for sapphires every day.

Since 1981, the Royal Peacock Opal Mine has been open to the public as a pay-to-dig mine. It has yielded countless world-class precious opal  specimens during that time.